• Block Shells

    Block Shells

    It all starts with our blocks. Made of the highest quality hardwood, each block is subjected to a rigorous quality inspection before being glued and turning. Be able to produce our own helmets has given us the opportunity to create the exact sound you want for each drum. 

  • Hardware


    For hardware options have endless possibilities for your design, cast steel components with chrome bath of the highest quality. They are available materials such as aluminum, stainless steel and of course rings of plywood or solid. 

  • Finish


    When we have the full and turning shells apply our finishes: From high gloss finishes to classic and natural oils, the quality of our finished products is matched only by the quality of our shells. Each drum is finished by our master craftsman hand sanding the taste of each artist. 

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    For the machining, it is carried out a rigorous quality control process, for edges and edges fully balanced. The drums must meet our high standards before we ship the finished product to our valuable customers.